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Joan Bakewell,  
Colin Bowerma, 2012
Colin Bowerman, 2012

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Recent BBC Radio & Television Contributions.
Panorama: Life at 100
23rd October 2017
Radio 4: We Need to Talk about Death:
Stand by Me
Ease My Pain
Death Itself
(December 2016)
Radio 4: Inside the Ethics Committee:
Permanent Vegetative State
Growth Restriction in Pregnancy
Sharing Genetic Information
(August 2016)
Virago: Stop the Clocks: Thoughts on What I Leave Behind. 4th February 2016
Radio 4 Book of the Week: Stop the Clocks. 1st February 2016
Radio 4: Suppose I Lose It, 15th December 2014.
Guest Editor: The Big Issue, 15th September 2014
Radio 4: Inside the Ethics Committee:
Treating Teenagers
Organ Donation and New-Born Babies
Treating Patients with Dementia
Treating Smokers
(July - August 2014)  
The Eric Hobsbawm Lecture: Why History Matters: Hay Festival, 21st May 2014. Full Text.
BBC Radio 3 "Belief": Interviews with Lord Woolf, Sally Phillips,
Elif Shafak, Ian McEwan, Diarmaid McCullough & Douglas Murray
(23rd December 2013 to 3rd January 2014).
Twitter Page
Sky Arts: Portrait of the Year: Co-Presenter with Frank Skinner
(5th November 2013)
BBC 1: Panorama: Our Dirty Nation
(28th October 2013)
Radio 4: Inside the Ethics Committee:
Assisted Conception and Disability
End of Life and Islam
Genetic Testing in Children
Lung Transplant Teenager
(August 2013)  
President of Birkbeck College.
Podcast of Interview on Part-Time Education.
(8th April 2013)
BBC Radio 3 "Belief": Interviews with Oliver Sacks, Mark Cazalet,
Mira Nair, Roger Scruton and Stephen Batchelor.
(1st to 5th April 2013)  

Stop The Clocks, 2016 She's Leaving Home, 2011 All the Nice Girls, 2009 The View from Here, 2006 Belief, 2005 The Centre of the Bed, 2003 The Heart of the Matter, 1996

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