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Selected Articles: April, 2023


26th December 2022

The Guardian

Even a snatched wallet couldn't dim the joy of my return to Venice

11th September 2022

The Guardian

I watched Queen Elizabeth's entire reign: she was an anchor in a dizzy world

18th July 2022

The Guardian

What Happened When I Stopped Hurrying and Discovered the Joy of Slowing Down?

24th January 2022

The House

Lords Diary

8th September 2021

The Guardian

A Moment That Changed Me: My Teacher Said My Work Was Trite Rubbish

22nd August 2021

The Daily Mail

A Deeply Poignant New Memoir: Extract

18th June 2020

The Guardian

Vera Lynn's Soaring Voice Gave Britons Hope When Hope Was Most Scarce

8th May 2020

The Guardian

VE Day Was the Spark for Change. Coronavirus Could Be Too

22nd April 2020

The New Statesman

Diary: Poems for Prisoners, a Virtual Send-off, Broadcasting from Home and Comfort in Vlooms

16th March 2020

The Guardian

How Older People Are Preparing for Lockdown

23rd January 2019

The Guardian

How Talking More about Death Could Ease the Trauma of Postmortems

17th September 2018

The Guardian

Why Can't England and Wales Have Humanist Weddings?

13th February 2018

The Daily Telegraph

The Old Need to Give the Young a Little Privacy

1st February 2018

The Guardian

Feminism in the 1970s: Women Newsreaders at the BBC?

29th December 2017

The Guardian

Where Do I Think Best?

17th November 2017

The New Statesman

Talking to Centenarians about Death

12th August 2017

The New Statesman

What Would Make My Life Better? More of It to Come

14th May 2017

The New Statesman

Diary: The Summer's Musical Promise, the Withering of the BBC
and Universities after Brexit

9th March 2017

The Guardian

Mike Fentiman Obituary

11th March 2016

Thn Guardian

How I Survived My 20's

5th March 2016

The Independent

Shakespeare 400th anniversary: School Plays Joys & Hazards

3rd February 2016

The Daily Telegraph

Don't Believe the Hype, This Is My Real View on Inheritance Tax

6th January 2016

The Daily Telegraph

Trust Me, Women Really Nothing to Apologise For

27th December 2015

The Guardian

The Gift I'll Never Forget

25th December 2015

The Daily Telegraph

Am I at the Age Where I have to Write a List of Lists I Mustn't Forget?

11th November 2015

The Daily Telegraph

Are the Elderly Safe behind the Wheel?

27th October 2015

The Daily Telegraph

What It Was Really Like To Be in the House of Lords Yesterday Afternoon

20th October 2015

The Guardian

Michael Dean Obituary


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